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Open Studios

Step into the studios of some of North Berwick’s most talented artists as part of this free to access Open Studios Art Trail around the town including a beautiful selection of still life and atmospheric seascape paintings, portraiture, bespoke jewellery, sea-going vessels and submarines, repurposed found objects, ceramics, abstract landscapes, sculptural objects and wall pieces.

1. Astrid Trugg, Angela Repping & Hannah Louise Lamb

3rd & 4th August, 10th & 11th August | 11AM-4PM
21 Westgate, North Berwick, EH39 4AE
(A few small steps take you into the pebbled courtyard of the studio, however the studio has no wheelchair access.)

Astrid Trugg

Astrid has been painting professionally for over 20 years, exhibiting her work in galleries internationally. She welcomes you in her beautiful studio just off the High Street, to see some of her work as well as everyday objects whose shapes or textures inspire her still life and seascape paintings.

Instagram: @astridtruggart


Angela Repping

Angela is a figurative artist deeply fascinated with drawing and painting the human form. She enjoys exploring the relationships between space, light, movement and emotion both in the work and subject.

Angela lives and works in North Berwick. She has exhibited in Fidra Fine Art as well as BP Portrait Award, Scottish Portrait Award, RSA, SSA, PAI, Morrison Scottish Portrait Award.

Instagram: @angelareppingartist


Hannah Louise Lamb

Jewellery designer Hannah specialises in creating bespoke jewellery pieces that reflect life’s personal stories.Inspired by the rugged beauty of nature and the idea that jewellery can encapsulate the cherished moments of our lives, Hannah’s pieces reflect coastlines, skylines and landscapes of special significance to each of us.

Instagram: @hannahlouiselamb


2. Fee Dickinson Reid & Georgina Brown

10th & 11th August
10am – 5pm
Cellar Studio, Hyndford House, 18 Fidra Road, North Berwick EH39 4NG
(Cellar studio is accessed by a door to the side of Hyndford House at basement level – there are one or two steps.)

Fee Dickson Reid

Fee Dickson Reid is an award winning artist known primarily for her large atmospheric seascapes in oils depicting North Berwick and the East Lothian Coastline.

Her work is created ‘alla prima’ (all in one session) in her North Berwick studio, usually straight from a walk on the beach.

Instagram: @feedicksonreidartist


Georgina Bown

Award winning Artist Georgina Bown has been based near the East Lothian coast for over 20 years. The proximity to the sea has formed a fascination with sea-going vessels and the huge man-made monsters of the deep. Submarines have become a focus due to their mechanical excellence, sculptural and hydrodynamic form, intimidating presence and power.

Georgina divides her time between printmaking, drawing, sculpting and teaching. She has Exhibited at major Exhibitions in Scotland and London. Amongst these she was selected for ‘Masters of Mono-Printing’ at The Bankside Gallery and ‘The Derwent Drawing Prize’.

Instagram: @georginabownartist


3. Lily Armstrong, Alan Connell & Front Door Gallery

3rd to 9th August
12pm – 5pm
Little Court, 18A Victoria Road, North Berwick EH39 4JL

Original art, ceramics, cards, limited edition prints of paintings and pastel drawings of local scenes and much more. Plus hand painted accessories/small gifts.

Instagram: @lilyannaarmstrongart


Instagram: @frontdoorgallery


4. Jayne Stokes

3rd-11th August
11am – 5pm
23 St Andrew Street, North Berwick EH39 4NX
(Two steps into the studio entrance – not wheelchair accessible. Children and dogs welcome. Limited street parking.)

Jayne is essentially a landscape painter but not in a traditional sense. Working in a range of mediums her aim is to explore and document our relationship with the environment. She repurposes found objects and transform them into works of art, often incorporating old tins, ceramic fragments and matchboxes.

Instagram: @jayne_stokes


5. Linda MacKinnon

3rd to 11th August
11am to 5pm
36 St Andrew Street, North Berwick EH39 4NX
(Access to my home is at street level and the studio within is via a set of stairs with a handrail.)

Printmaker, Collage and Mixed Media Artist Linda MacKinnon uses a range of printmaking techniques to produce papers of different colours, patterns and textures which she combines to create her collage pieces. Her work is influenced mainly by landscape which she interprets in an abstract style.

Instagram: @mackinnon802


6. Line Mortensen

3rd to 11th August
11am to 5pm
34 St Andrew Street, North Berwick EH39 4NX
(Please be aware that there is sadly no dedicated parking or easy access to my home/workshop (many steps). Some of my work is fragile, so please consider this if bringing children (dogs) along. For health and safety reasons children under 10 (dogs) aren’t permitted in the workshop.)

Using glass, stone and clay Line creates a wide range of art work from jewellery to sculptural object and wall pieces. Open Studio is a chance for visitors to see/buy her creations, tour my workspace and hear about the materials, tools, techniques and inspiration behind my work.

Instagram: @linemortensen


7. Mandy Little

3rd to 11th August
11am to 5pm
30A St Andrew Street, North Berwick EH39 4NX
(There is limited street parking within the street and a car park at the end of the street. Please note there are five steep steps and a handrail up to my front door. For safety reasons, visitors must be 14 and over.)

Mandy works in studio in St Andrew Street and will have available a range of abstract original paintings and prints. She works in colourful mixed media on canvas & canvas board including collage, inks, acrylics, spray acrylics, oils and fabric paints. She is heavily influenced by boats, sky, sea in all weathers, seabirds and washing lines.

Instagram; @mandy.paints