Peat & Diesel – Fringe by the Sea
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Peat & Diesel

Friday 13th August, 2021
Belhaven Big Top

This is a standing event.

Isle of Lewis band Peat & Diesel are taking the Trad scene by storm!

The Story began when three Stornoway Coves (Innes, Uilly and Boydie) met up in the house to have the craic on a Saturday night playing some music with just the Dog and the Cat watching. After a few tunes getting thrown across the room Boydie started muttering a few sentences. As he is a man of few words and no attention was really given to him until he shouted ‘Quick, line me out!!’ Not a second to spare, a set of old broken headphones were cable tied to a guitar stand and this back fed the muttering into a crackly guitar amp and out came a few cobwebs followed shortly after with a sound that nobody had ever heard before. What came next was five gallons of lyrics. Verse after verse, song after song – PEAT & DIESEL WAS BORN!