Enviro Futures: Eleanor Tucker – Thanks for Sharing – Fringe by the Sea
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Enviro Futures: Eleanor Tucker – Thanks for Sharing

Thursday 10th August, 2023
Scottish Seabird Centre, North Berwick Harbour
6pm – 7pm


In Thanks for Sharing, Eleanor Tucker takes us – and her somewhat reluctant family – with her on a year-long experiment to buy as few new things as possible, instead relying on the power of sharing economy apps and websites. What is the sharing economy? How can it help us live more affordable, more sustainable, and ultimately more fulfilling lives? Eleanor describes how and why she tried to bring different types of sharing into her day-to-day life, from the little ‘things’ (food, clothes) to the bigger ’things’ (cars, furniture, the space around us), and explains how the growth of tech has revolutionised an age-old practice. With a warm and relatable humour as well as a deeply-researched knowledge of the history of sharing, Eleanor will leave you feeling entertained, informed – and inspired to change the way you consume.